Palo Santo Sacred Wood

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The fragrant wood Palo Santo is considered highly spiritual and has been used in both sacred rituals and purification processes for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of South America.

Scope of delivery: Palo Santo Sticks are natural products and vary in shape and size.

50g corresponds to the content of approx. 7-10 Palo Santo Sticks
100 g corresponds to the content of approx. 14 - 20 Palo Santo sticks

150g corresponds to the content of approx. 21 - 30 Palo Santo sticks

Eco-Friendly: Our products are 100% environmentally sourced with no harm to living trees. We only offer products obtained from naturally fallen trees in the forests of Peru. Certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru (SERFOR).

Instructions for use: Light the wooden sticks and let them burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Allow the smoke to smolder and sweep it over your body or any item you wish to purify.