Obelisk Gemstone Necklace

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The Obelisk necklace transforms the well-known stones from the Crystal Infusion range into your personal accessory. Due to their natural properties, the gemstones in the pendant have the special effect of making each piece of jewelry unique.
The natural stone sits in a silver setting on a delicate high-quality chain made of stainless steel and has a length of 55 + 5 cm, so you can wear it short or long as you wish.

The chain can be combined with any outfit and is perfect for everyday wear. The eye-catcher is handmade and inspires with its colorful stones.

In addition, dhe chain is delivered in a beautiful velvet pouch.

Additional advantages:
✅ You can remove the trailer.
✅ Free booklet with a detailed description of the gemstones
✅ The perfect gift

Application note: Please do not come into contact with water. The chain itself and the gemstone are waterproof, but not the setting that holds the stone.