Megalodon tooth fossilized 9cm 100g

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Surname: Fossil Basking Shark Tooth Megalodon

Locality: Indonesia

Age: Neogene, Miocene to Pliocene

Age: approx. 3 - 20 million years old

Size: total length 9 cm, more dimensions on the last picture

Weight: 100 grams

Fossilized shark tooth from the basking shark Otodus Megalodon. The shark species has been extinct for more than 2 million years. The size of the shark is estimated at 15-20 meters. The fossilized teeth are found in exposed seas or by divers. The size of the teeth varies greatly. Particularly rare specimens are up to 18 cm long.

Perfect fossilized megalodon shark teeth are very rare to find, as most are poorly preserved or have broken tips

The tooth is not restored, processed or anything like that.
Absolutely natural fossil with a very nice look.