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For gemstone lovers and those who would like to become one, we have put together a beautiful gemstone gift box.

The name Essential stands for itself here, because the content provides everything essential to spiritually upgrade your home.

The content offers many great combination possibilities. The natural stones can be used for water treatment, the chakra stones for Reiki, massage, decoration or as a chic lucky charm. The Palo Santo completes the package by helping to relax.

What's in the Box: The following content is part of the Essential Box:

  • Palo Santo
  • amethyst druse
  • White Agate Druse
  • 7 chakra pendulum
  • 7 chakra stones
  • 7 chakra bracelet
  • rock crystal
  • rose quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • selenite rod
  • Large set of tumbled stones

The natural stones and the selenite rod are raw and untreated.

Contact with the skin or adding the healing crystals to drinking water is completely harmless.

✅ The perfect gift