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For the holy festival of the year we have created a limited edition advent calendar with a very special selection of collectibles.

24 different collectibles from the gem world.

With 24 velvet bags: one bag for each door. ⁠

EXTRA: In each bag there is a card with an explanation about the stone.

The following gems are included:

  1. agate slices
  2. amethyst
  3. aragonite
  4. rock crystal
  5. Rock crystal tip
  6. Blue Calcite
  7. chalcopyrite
  8. gem donut
  9. gem heart
  10. gem ball
  11. gabbro
  12. Green fluorite
  13. shark tooth
  14. Labdradorite Polished
  15. Pyrite Nugget (Gold)
  16. pyrite cube
  17. quartz geodes
  18. rose quartz
  19. sand rose
  20. Soapstone Septary
  21. selenite
  22. soapstone animal
  23. Tumbled stones size M
  24. Tumbled stones size XL

Take a look around in our gemstone encyclopedia and get to know the healing powers and properties of our crystals: Everything about gemstones

Scope of delivery: Each set consists of different stones of different sizes. We select each gemstone by hand and prepare each set with love and care. 24 bags, each containing a card with information about the gem inside.