What is borosilicate glass?

What is borosilicate glass and why do we use it for our LAVISA Crystal Infusion gemstone bottles?

It is no coincidence that we chose borosilicate glass to manufacture our gemstone drinking bottles.

First of all, we would like to consciously support the use of glass and thus also take action against synthetic materials such as plastic. Based on this, it is important to us that the material of the LAVISA bottle also conforms to its purpose.

Because we would like to see the crystal bottle in use as a daily companion, whether on a hike, at the lake, in the gym or in the office. And that is exactly why a solid, robust foundation is essential to us.

Borosilicate glass has a very decisive advantage over conventional glass. It forms a very high resilience and basic durability, so that it is as good as unbreakable .

In addition, it is extremely temperature-resistant and can easily withstand extreme cold and heat. In addition , borosilicate glass is completely free of chemicals and has totally convinced us in one more thing:

Borosilicate glass is absolutely environmentally friendly . You could just recycle the glass after melting it down and use it again!