Prepare gemstone water

How do you properly energize water?

Adding crystals to the water is not only visually appealing, but also healthy because the water is enriched with the energy of the crystals.

It is well known that gemstones carry mineral information and that gemstone water provides powerful healing remedies that work quickly on a physical level. It is similar and complementary to wearing crystals, but the results are not comparable.

As one of the leading addresses for gemstones, LAVISA offers a wide range of crystals, as using the right stone at the right time is crucial to the result.

Our tip: Always use raw natural stones for gemstone water, as tumbled stones do not release any minerals as a result of their treatment.


  1. Before using the stones for the first time, thoroughly clean them under lukewarm water with a brush or sieve them.
  2. Use a charging method of your choice. Check out our guide here .
  3. Put about 100g of your stones in the still water per liter of water.
  4. The full potential is reached after the stones have been placed in the water for an hour.
  5. Drink the water daily and always refill water before your carafe is empty.