Charge gems: these are the 6 best methods


With crystals it is important to make them your own by removing the impressions of others, empowering them with your own energy and programming them for specific purposes. Clean the crystals weekly or after heavy use. There are many purification options, but the method you use will depend on what feels right for the crystal in question at any given time.


Wash the crystals under running water. This works for most tumbled stones, except for the fragile ones, like selenite, or metallic ones, like hematite. After washing, allow the crystals to dry naturally.

mother Earth

Place the crystals on a small plate on the ground or in a large flower pot for 24 hours.


Ring a handbell or Tibetan bells nine times, or bang a small singing bowl over the crystals for about a minute. Repeat this two more times until the sound subsides.


Leave vibrant, colorful or sparkling crystals in the sunlight from dawn to dusk. When the day is dark, light a white or gold candle with the light shining on the candle and let it burn out.


Leave the crystals in a circle of salt for twenty-four hours.


Blow very gently three times on a single crystal while holding it in your open, cupped hands.